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Tolomatic MXB-S Linear Belt Drive Actuator

Tolomatic MXB-SThe MXB-S is a compact belt drive linear actuator for use in applications requiring light to moderate load carrying and guidance. The bearing system of the MXB-S linear belt drive utilizes two field-replaceable solid bearings that optimize performance, rigidity and life. Featuring a trapezoidal, self-cleaning bearing system, the MXB-s linear belt drive a good choice for applications in paper production or sawmills. This low-cost, economical belt drive actuator features speeds up to 100 in/sec (2540 mm/sec) and thrusts up to 418 lbf (1860 N). All MXB-S linear belt drive actuators are built-to-order in stroke lengths up to 200 inches (5080 mm).

Tolomatic MXB-S Linear Belt Drive Actuator


Cognex PowerGrid Technology2DMax with PowerGrid Technology

Combining texture and shape for best-in-class 2-D code reading

Successful DataMatrix code reading is reliant upon the finder and clocking patterns being intact, along with a quiet zone around the code. If these essential elements are damaged or obscured, the barcode reader is unable to identify and decode the symbol from the other markings on the product or packaging.

Cognex has overcome this limitation with PowerGrid™ technology. This patent-pending 2-D code-reading algorithm combines both textural and geometric data to enable the highest DataMatrix code read rates.

When there is little to no quiet zone or when the finder pattern or clocking patterns are blocked or missing, a secondary texture-based algorithm is needed to locate and read the code. 2DMax® with PowerGrid technology combines both shape-based pattern searches and texture-based analysis that looks at the scene and locates texture resembling data modules clustered together. Once it has found the modules, it then works to determine the size of the modules and the overall size of the DataMatrix code. Then, the traditional 2DMax code reading algorithms take over to read and decode the data.

download PowerGrid Technology Whitepaper


AlphaProx Inductive Distance Measuring Sensors

Highly precise, efficient and robust sensors for process automation

Baumer AlphaProxBaumer AlphaProx family are the perfect solution for reliable non-contact measurement of changes in the position of metal objects. Thanks to their high temperature stability in connection with large measuring distances, the high degree of consistency and their robustness, the sensors are ideally suited for measuring positions and angles, controlling and monitoring belt tension, controlling sag and measuring low-frequency vibrations.

AlphaProx high sensitivity sensors are a cost-effective, non-contact alternative to eddy current sensors and strain gauges.

download AlphaProx brochure



Cognex PatMax RedLine Feature Location Technology

Cognex PatMax RedLine learn more Cognex has introduced PatMax RedLine™, a feature-location technology that reinvents the industry-leading PatMax® pattern-matching tool by maximizing speed and performance. Available in the latest Cognex® In-Sight Explorer™ software version 5.1, PatMax RedLine technology is optimized to run on these three new In-Sight® vision systems.

Pattern matching represents the critical first step in most machine vision applications. Because previous tools imposed certain speed limitations, many applications resorted to lower resolution cameras to keep pace with production lines. PatMax RedLine technology performs faster on high-resolution vision systems, eliminating the tradeoff between speed and performance, and enabling customers to increase resolution and gain accuracy without sacrificing speed. With the incredibly fast pattern matching of PatMax RedLine technology, our customers don’t have to compromise on performance.

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Improved Design on Bag Lip for piGRIP Suction Cups watch piGRIP video

Piab introduces the next generation of piGRIP® bag lips, known as "BGI". These lips include an internal retainer piece as well as three additional diameter sizes. The bag lips are ideal for handling different types of bag materials, especially hard-to-handle thin bag material, such as plastic film. The six diameter sizes now at 25, 34, 41, 48, 63 & 80 mm provides a larger range of sizes for choosing the exact cup for the handling application. 


Beside regular plastic bags for dry food (e.g. chips), the new piGRIP® bag lips were designed to have an excellent grip on stand-up-pouches filled with liquid or dry/wet food/substances. The range of diameter sizes now allows for very small and/or oblong narrow flexible packages (fast-food ketchup packs) to be handled by the smallest 25 mm size. The largest size, 80 mm, addresses the need for handling heavy bags or sacks such as animal feed sacks.



Clippard High Flow Stepper Controlled Proportional Valves

The SCPV incorporates the industry’s most robust and powerful stepper powered linear actuator.  This actuator is used to control Clippard’s proven needle valve technology.    download bruchure

Utilizing the industry’s most robust and powerful linear actuator, the high-flow stepper-controlled proportional valves outperform the competition in performance and durability. This valve is ideal in critical applicastinos such as gas delivery, medical, anaylyitcal and industrial automation requiring high resolution, high flow and low hysteresis.   In addition, the unique design allows for custom flow profiles when required.

Potential Applications:

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Baumer CleverLevel Switches
The really clever alternative to the vibrating fork level switch

Unlike with traditional vibrating fork sensors, with the sensors of the CleverLevle switch, no media remnants or solids are able to accumulate on the sensors.  A precise and reliable level detection is thus ensured even under difficult circumstances.
Based on the frequency sweep technology, the CleverLevel LBFS switches are suitable for high-viscosity fluids as well as for solid or liquid media.  Their compact sensor tip allows them to be integrated even in small pipes. download brochure

Since they are unaffected by turbulence, sedimentation, air bubbles, foam and even by suspended or floating particles, they are suitable for even the most difficult applications.

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O300 Series – Maximum safety, convenience and optimized total operating costs

Baumer O300 Sensor more information Number 1 in the inch class

O300 is the latest addition to the NextGen sensor series. The compact sensor fits even into the tightest spots and provides an unparalleled performance level.  O300 is the Baumer approach to the 1-inch dimension which evolved to become international standard in most diverse industries.

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Visualize...the ability to see what your barcode reader sees

DataMan 50 download barcode readers guide Cognex DataMan® image-based barcode readers work like cameras; they take digital images of the product as it passes by the barcode reader. Because of this technology, DataMan barcode readers offer users performance feedback.  You can view your barcode images live or FTP images of no reads to a server for analysis and process improvement.

Start understanding why you have no reads by getting a visual confirmation of any errors that occur by upgrading to DataMan image-based barcode reading technology.

Learn more by downloading our barcode readers guide >



MSEP 8-Axis Controller for ROBO Cylinders

MSEP controllerAchieving high-performance in a compact design network connectable controller a single MSEP  can operate both the pulse motor and the servo motor type actuators.  

With direct connection with major field networks including DeviceNet, CC-Link, PROFIBUS-DP, MECHATROLINK, CompoNet, EtherCAT, and EtherNet/IP, the MSEP features 256 positioning points per axis and the ability to verify current position in real-time. 
An absolute position encoder is available, which saves the position data by battery, providing prompt operation without returning to the home position after power off.

MSEP 8-Axis controller


Improve your ejector pumppiSAVE video piSAVE Optimize Video

piSAVE optimize – an optimized energy saving product for air-driven vacuum pumps/ejectors in virtually any type of vacuum application is available on the market.

Piab introduces piSAVE optimize, a vacuum controlled proportional pressure regulator. A fully pneumatic device, easy to use and easy to install – actually the perfect pressure regulator for air-driven pumps/ejectors! Why adjust the feed pressure, when the desired vacuum level can be adjusted instead. piSAVE optimize will take care of the rest.
piSAVE optimize senses the vacuum level in the system. The feed pressure of the compressed air to the vacuum pump/ejector is automatically regulated and controlled to maintain the set vacuum level. The vacuum level is kept constant in this manner and the air/energy usage is kept to a minimum for the application (optimized).


Mini Robo Cylinders

Small, Compact size; Shaped like an air cylinder and easy to use; many variations to suit your needs, the new Mini ROBO Cylinder have achieved compact sizes by incorporating a newly developed motor and significantly reduced overall length, width and height.  Systems that could only use air cylinders due to sizing constraints can now use Mini ROBO Cylinders to improve performance.  

Mini Robo Cylinders

1.  Space-savings
The new Mini ROBO Cylinder have achieved compact sizes by incorporating a newly developed motor and significantly reduced overall length, width and height.

2.  Shaped and handled easily like air cylinders
Users who are comfortable with the handling and operation of air cylinders can switch to motorized cylinders effortlessly.

3.  Wide variations
You can select the model that best suits your specific application from the wide variation of electric actuators.

watch the Mini Robo Video >>>



Single-Use Technologies: Steam-ThruSteam Thru

The benefits of single-use systems can be found throughout biopharmaceutical manufacturing, but whether in an upstream or downstream process, sterility assurance is critical. Innovative connection technology from Colder allows manufacturers to quickly and easily make aseptic connections between single-use bag systems, tube sets and/or stainless process equipment.

Colder Products' Patented Steam-Thru® Connection technology creates a sterile link between pre-sterilized bag systems or tube sets and stainless process equipment. The product’s innovative three-port design maximizes sterility assurance by eliminating “dead legs” and allowing steam to pass directly through the connection to “steam on” to stainless equipment.

Watch the steam-thru movie >>>



iX HMI PanelsBeijer - Cost Effective iX HMI Panels

The iX Series of operator panels combines impressive visuals with a sturdy, lightweight aluminum construction to create a universal HMI solution. Each unit is equipped with an unlimited runtime version of iX software that features multiple drivers , vector graphics, open platform and enhance HMI functionality.



IAI - RCD Ultra-Compact Motorized Cylinder

New Ultra-Compact Motorized Cylinder with 12mm Cross-Section and a body length as short as 60mm.   Its high-speed performance with maximum acceleration/deceleration of 1 G and maximum speed of 300 mm/s is highly effective in reducing cycle time in a variety of systems.RCD and Controller

The Mini Cylinder RCD easily achieves 3-point positioning and acceleration/deceleration rate adjustments, which are difficult to achieve using air cylinders.  Push-motion operation similar to that available with air cylinders is also possible, and the force exerted during a push-motion operation is adjustable. The Mini Cylinder RCD is small enough to replace compact air cylinders used for short-stroke travel, pressing, hoisting and positioning.

RCD Motorized Cylinders >>>



DataMan 300 barcode readerDataMan 300 Barcode Reader - A Quantum Leap in Barcode Reader performance

The DataMan 300 series of readers was developed to handle the most difficult-to-read DPM (Direct Part Mark) codes as well as challenging 1-D linear barcodes and 2-D Data Matrix codes and for indexed or high-speed lines.

Unmatched read rate performance - Flexible lighting and optics - Ease of Deployment

Cognex DataMan 300 >>>


Miniature Valve Products

Precise reliable control for medical, analytical & instrumentation

ASCO Numatics Miniature Valve products include a complete line of general service, isolation, pinch, proportional valves, and manifold assemblies for your fluid control requirements. These miniature valves are utilized for the precise and reliable control of liquids and gases in medical equipment, analytical instrumentation, and industrial ASCO miniature valvesapplications.

ASCO Numatics Miniature Valve Products are assembled and 100% factory tested in an ISO Class 8 equivalent cleanroom.

In addition to their comprehensive catalog product offering, Clayton Engineered Services has the ability to create customized assemblies. Whether you need a minor modification of a catalog product or a complete flow control solution CES can provide the solution.

more information >>>


The new standard for rail-mounted terminal blocks

TOPJOB®S DIN 35 rail-mounted terminal blocks with CAGE CLAMP®S technology are the smallest on the market TopJob Sresulting in a space saving of up to 30 %.  The compact size helps minimize costs through the reduction of panel space used, as well as smaller enclosures and junction boxes.

TOPJOB®S also includes disconnect blocks, diode and LED blocks, a variety of fuse terminal blocks, and component plugs.

TJS Smaller

Simply Smaller: Results in reduction of panel space, smaller enclosures and junction boxes


TJS Pushin

Simply Push-in:
For solid conductors or fine-stranded conductors with ferrules


TJS Jumpers

Simply Jumpered: Features the comb-style jumper system



TJS Tested


Simply Tested:  Testing has never been easier...using convenient test plug adapter, test plug tap or modular test plugs

Download TopJob S catalog >>>

Boost Productivity and ROI!

IK SeriesThe competitively priced ROBO Cylinder IK Series is the multi-axes solution to your automation needs.
In addition to easy set-up and simple software programming, IAI’s high-quality electric actuators are energy efficient and will dramatically reduce your energy bills.

The new IK Series lineup offers many variations and can be easily integrated and prepared to your specific needs.  The IK Series is offered in both pulse and servo motors.  The ROBO Cylinder IK Series multi-axes kit includes everything needed for fast and easy assembly. 

Key Features:IK Controllers


Download IK Series catalog >>>



Clayton Controls adds Carlo Gavazzi to our line up!

Clayton Controls is proud to announce that they are now a Carlo Gavazzi distributor partner for their automation products.  Carlo Gavazzi automation technology products are separated into 5 groups:

New Carlo gavazzi

Each product group is designed and manufactured in a centre of excellence to be sure that each individual product is the best in its field. Throughout Carlo Gavazzi, all their products are integrated with each other to provide complete solutions.

learn more about Carlo Gavazzi >>>


The Most Advanced Industrial Handheld ID Reader Ever!
Cognex logo

The new Cognex DataMan® 8000 Series of readers build on the capabilities of the existing highly successful DataMan industrial handheld readers, which have been the benchmark for industrial direct part mark (DPM) code reading performance since their release.
DataMan 8000
The DataMan 8000 Series offers three unique capabilities for your industrial environment:
1.     First Autofocus in an Industrial Handheld
       Reader for More Depth of Field Flexibility
2.     Innovative Modular Communications including
for Real-Time Part Traceability

3.   Cognex Advanced IDMax® Code Reading
       Performance for Optimum Read Rates

DataMan 8000 Product Guide

DataMan 8000 Demo Video

Numatics logo

Introducing the New G3 Fieldbus

Numatics FieldbusThe next-generation electronic platform that allows you easy access to connections; it's easy to assemble and install, commission, and maintain. It includes a graphic display for configuration and diagnostics, easy robust connections, and is highly distributable.

The G3 Series product line is a completely modular system. All of the G3 electronic modules plug together, via mechanical clips, allowing easy assembly and field changes.

This makes the system highly distributable. Additional flexibility is incorporated because the same modules can be Numatics G3used in either centralized or distributed applications.

G3 electronics interfaces with Numatics generation 2000 Series, ISO 5599/2 and ISO 15407-2 Series valve lines.


learn more about Numatics G3 >>>